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“NATURA – Spring Edition – 2018”


” NATURA- Spring  Edition -2018 “

On Friday, April 6, Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8, 2018  is celebrates ‘NATURA’ traditional contest which takes place in Madrid since 1980. “NATURA” is a unique exhibition and a classic of the cultural offer in Madrid, with the dissemination of science through admiration and/or acquisition of their natural objects from their different approaches and possibilities; ideas and materials to decoration of interior and exterior; teaching materials for educational centers; minerals, shells, fossils, insects, meteorites, etc., for a formative collecting; gifts original and unique; courses and naturalistic excursions  and more.

cartel natura ed.primavara 2018

official poster, photo: Mario Ximénez

This exhibition of natural objects, with the presence of more than fifty national exhibitors and other European countries is usual appointment not only of fans from Madrid to this fascinating topic, but of many others from all points of the national geography. This new exhibition is held as usual at the Novotel Madrid Center whose rooms have been recently renovated and modernized.

Natura is one of the most important exhibitions of the European circuit and imperative appointment on the calendar next to fairs as St.Marie Mineral in St. Marie Aux Mines (France) and Munich (Germany). Natura is as a large Museum of science natural, distributed in stands, where can observe or acquire all the news of this wonderful world.


“NATURA”  will have with them traditional sweepstakes daily of objects natural between the public valued in 3,000 euros also in this edition is going to give with a nice exemplary of mineral, fossil or shell to them 4,000 first assistants.

minerals collection in Natura


APPOINTMENT IN:  “NATURA” Spring  Edition 2018

Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 April 2018




O’Donnell Street , 53 – Madrid/SPAIN

Friday 6 and Saturday 7: uninterrupted schedule of 11 to 21 hours

Sunday 8: Uninterrupted schedule from 11 to 20 hours

Admission: € 2, children under 14 and senior citizens: 1 €

Organizing committee: Eventos Naturalistas:
Pedro Anibal ( www.mineralesnatura.es ) Geologist
Pablo Muñoz www.geodidac.com ) Geologist & expert on Geotourism
Jose María Ximenez ( www.geotierra.es ) Geologist, speciality: Palaeontology
Web : ( www.eventosnaturalistas.com )
Web Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/eventosnaturalistas?ref=bookmarks )

Jose María Ximenez
(00 34) 91 5490684


Pedro Anibal
(00 34) 91 5411246


Marketing , comunication, web master & social media
Fernando Bravo
(00 34 ) 670 580 733





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