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“NATURA-Special Edition Fall-2018”


“NATURA-Special Edition Fall-2018”


The next 6, 7, 8 and 9 December will be held in the “Novotel Madrid Center” the traditional fair “NATURA” in its special autumn edition, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first fair of minerals and fossils in Spain (Bilbao 1978). 

NATURA “is a unique exhibition of its kind held since 1980 and a classic of the cultural offer of Madrid with the dissemination of Natural Sciences through the admiration and / or acquisition of its natural objects from its different approaches and possibilities; ideas and materials for interior and exterior decoration; teaching materials for teaching centers; minerals, shells, fossils, insects, meteorites, etc. , for a formative collecting, original and unique gifts; Naturalist courses and excursions, etc. 

cartel oficial edición especial otoño 2018, Foto: Mario Ximenez

This bag-exhibition of natural objects that has the presence of more than fifty national exhibitors and other European countries, is a regular appointment not only of Madrid fans to this exciting topic, but of many others from all over the geography national. This new exhibition is celebrated as usual at the Novotel Madrid Center, whose rooms have been recently renovated and modernized. 

NATURA is one of the most important exhibitions of the European circuit and a must-see on the calendar together with fairs such as St.Marie Mineral in St. Marie Aux Mines (France) and Munich in (Germany). Natura is like a great museum of Natural Sciences distributed in stands, where we can observe and / or acquire all the novelties of this wonderful world. 

As usual, in addition to our commercial side with natural objects for collection, decoration, gift, didactic, etc., presents the scientific dissemination, which for the commemoration will have an exceptional guest: the Faculty of Geological Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid and that through conferences, workshops and audiovisual and graphic information, will show visitors the transcendental importance of this unknown science in the challenges of the future on key issues such as climate change, infrastructure, water , migrations, raw materials, energy, etc. He will also dedicate a special treatment to let the youth know an exciting profession: be a geologist or a geologist. 

photo: Faculty of Geological Sciences-UCM

The O.N.G. Geologists of the World will also be present with a space of information about their altruistic actions around the world. 

The fair will have its usual hallmarks: a souvenir-gift with the entry and the traditional daily raffle of natural objects, this time with three extra prizes on Sunday, as the last day of the fair. 

A date with plenty of incentives to not miss it.

Data of the workshops:

Workshop: What do fossils tell us?

Review: Travel through time analyzing emblematic fossils of the main geological periods. Replicas of fossils, original fossils as well as graphic representations of the fauna and flora in each geological period will be used.Public:

From 6 years

Shifts of 25 people maximum (in order of arrival)

THURSDAY 6: (17-18 H) (18-19 H) and SUNDAY 9: (12-13 H) (13-14 H)


Workshop: Recognition of minerals and their applications in everyday life

Review: Learn the use of the main minerals for their physical and chemical properties. The initial formation of a mineral species will be taught in a crystallizer and then a collection of minerals and rocks, present in different materials and objects of daily use, will be analyzed.

Public: from 10 years

Shifts of 25 people maximum (in order of arrival)

THURSDAY 6: (12-13 H) and (13-14 H) SATURDAY 8: (17-18 H)


Workshop: The Relief: Look and Touch

Review: The workshop is an approximation to the understanding of the processes that make up the relief of the earth, both emerged and submerged areas.To better visualize the elements of the relief, anaglyphs of digital terrain models, topographic maps in relief and stereoscopes of mirrors will be used to visualize aerial photographs.

Public: from 10 years

Shifts of 25 people maximum (in order of arrival)

FRIDAY 7: (12-13 H) (17-18 H) and (18-19 H)


Workshop: What does Geology taste like ?: Blind tasting

Review: Talk about the influence of Geology (rocks and minerals) on the quality and taste of bottled mineral waters for domestic use. Then there will be a tasting of water and minerals, with the possibility of doing it blindly (use of masks).

Public: from 10 years

Shifts of 25 people maximum (in order of arrival)

SATURDAY 8:(12-14 H) * Passes every 30 minutes.


Conference: Mineral evolution? Perspective of time in mineralogy

By: José Fernández Barrenechea

FRIDAY 7: (13-14 H)


APPOINTMENT IN:  “NATURA” Special Edition Fall 2018

Thursday 6,  Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December2018



O’Donnell Street , 53 – Madrid/SPAIN

Thursday 6,  Friday 7 and Saturday 8: uninterrupted schedule of 11 to 21 hours

Sunday  9: Uninterrupted schedule from 11 to 20 hours


Admission: € 2, children under 14 and senior citizens: 1 €

Organizing committee: Eventos Naturalistas:
Pedro Anibal ( www.mineralesnatura.es ) Geologist
Pablo Muñoz www.geodidac.com ) Geologist & expert on Geotourism
Jose María Ximenez ( www.geotierra.es ) Geologist, speciality: Palaeontology
Web : ( www.eventosnaturalistas.com )
Web Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/eventosnaturalistas?ref=bookmarks )

Jose María Ximenez
(00 34) 91 5490684


Pedro Anibal
(00 34) 91 5411246


Marketing , comunication, web master & social media
Fernando Bravo
(00 34 ) 670 580 733




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